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About Raven Viceral

Raven Viceral is a voice actress and singer based out of Washington, USA.

Raven began voice acting at the age of 15 and fell in love with the field ever since. She has worked on various projects both as a voice actress and behind the scenes as a project manager and editor. Her range is described by clients as energetic, youthful, and bright. 

Her love of the field has led to roles in various fields including audiobooks, podcasts, indie games, and more. Whether you are looking for a narrator, RPG character or anything in between, Raven is always happy to contribute and would love the opportunity to bring your story to life!

In her spare time, Raven works as a producer and film maker, working to bring quality entertainment and storytelling to life through various mediums. She has experience both on camera as an actor and behind the scenes as a producer and camera operator. Her love of storytelling has led her on a journey exploring all aspects of production to understand the craft further. 

Raven began dabbling in website design in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic and she designs websites for various clients including other actors and production studios. She greatly enjoys the challenge and helping other creatives be seen. 

Outside of the media realm, Raven enjoys traveling, gaming, singing, and journaling. She is dedicated to academics and seeks to bridge the gap between science and communication: her two biggest passions. She hopes to one day combine her love of science, medicine, and media to create quality content for the science community to spread awareness and information in a digestible way for the public. 

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